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Pitching to Investors


Lastly, if you want to obtain a loan, an investment, or any capital from others, you will need to know how to pitch your business idea. Therefore, you will need to put time and energy into your presentation.

  • Create a presentation: It would be best if you prepared a pitch deck. The idea is to create one that allows you to work off and call attention to investors excited about your company. Keep in mind that you must have a 10-minute version of your presentation also. It includes everything you would like to share about your company and its logistics. Here are some extra resources and tools to build a professional presentation.  


  • Practice your presentation: You must be well prepared when you are going to talk to potential investors. Often, you only have 10 minutes, and you must take full advantage of it. So, by practicing, you will be ready to present.  


  • Outline the problem: A good strategy to catch your audience’s attention right from the beginning is to tell a compelling story addressing the problem you will solve in the marketplace. 

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