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Workforce Training

Determine your necessary staff size. Whether you are starting a business from the ground up or managing an existing business, you need to examine your staffing needs. Focus on the tasks rather than individual people and personalities, and your required staffing size will become more evident.

Hire new staff as needed

Develop written job descriptions for each role in your business. The job description should include an outline of the tasks to be performed, the expected working hours, the person supervising the role, and a general statement of goals for the position. Advertise, interview, and hire staff members who will best serve each position.

As part of your hiring process, if you are starting a new business, you must attend to certain federal and state regulations. You need to get a federal employer identification number (EIN), register with your state’s labor office, and obtain worker’s compensation insurance. 


Training new staff

Having a properly trained workforce is key for a business.

  • American Job Centers provide job seekers with employment search assistance and career counseling, as well as job-training and education. 

  • The state of Massachusetts offers workforce training as well. The Workforce Training Fund is financed by Massachusetts employers.The Workforce Training Fund’s FAQ’s includes information on how to apply.

  • Federal Funding for Workforce Training: The Federal Government also provides various training programs and grants. The Federal Department of Labor offers various grants to help train employees. Their website offers information on State and Federal grants, as well as information on the federal On-the-Job Training program.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers various safety training materials for employees. You can view OSHA’s training library which includes safety videos.  

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